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FOMAT Medical Research

FOMAT Medical Research is a modified and improved version of a traditional Site Management Organization. We offer a wide range of solutions for Sponsors, CROs, and sites.

FOMAT Medical Research is recognized worldwide for offering a service of excellence and quality. We have highly skilled staff members and sites that adhere to international standards to provide you with accurate scientific data.


Benefit from new and developments in medicine by participating in medical clinical trials. By participating in a clinical trial, you may receive expert treatment attention from medical staff members involved in the study and, in some cases, financial compensation. 

FOMAT Medical Research is focused on innovating healthcare through the Americas. 

We offer a wide range of solutions for clinical contract organizations, sponsors, 

and sites. We have a vast amount of experience in participating in clinical research 

in a wide variety of therapeutic areas.

What Questions Should You Ask Before Joining a Clinical Trial?

Joining a clinical trial is the first step in helping to facilitate medical research and potentially receiving care for your condition. However, there are many considerations a volunteer should take into account before joining a clinical trial. In this blog, we’ll educate you on how to choose a research institute that is an appropriate fir for you.

Volunteering for a trial gives patients a chance to be a part of studies that can make a significant impact on future medical advancements. These trial processes are carried out to test new disease treatments that may be most effective and cost-efficient than those currently available.


High Quality Clinical Research is a Crucial Factor


Finding an experienced team is crucial for trial success. When it comes to participating in clinical research, it becomes essential to conduct in-depth research to find a professional team with up to date GCP (Good Clinical Practice) certification. FOMAT Medical Research has more than 10 years of experience helping facilitate clinical research, especially in therapeutic areas for Phase I-IV studies.

FOMAT Medical Research is also available if you are looking to join as a sponsor or a CRO for clinical studies.


Increase Your Success Rates when you Choose FOMAT Medical Research


FOMAT Medical Research has always held the goal of trying to increase clinical trial diversity. Diversification of trials has always led to more accurate data. By following GCP quality standards the team at FOMAT Medical Research accomplish project goals quickly and effectively. If you are a sponsor or a CRO looking for a Clinical Research Institute, make sure that each site is using the most accurate and up to date clinical trial procedures to ensure a successful study. Research ethics and standards should be upheld to ensure that scientific data is accurate and uncompromised.


With diversification in clinical studies, it is imperative that we come up with innovative healthcare solutions for underrepresented populations.


FOMAT Medical Research is a quintessential example of a clinical study institute that runs on the mission of diversification of its trials, while also following the highest standards of good clinical research practices. 

Clinical Trials Register
Clinical Trials Register

Give back to your community by participating in a clinical trial. By registering for a clinical trial, you can help accelerate medical advancements which are used all over the world. The FDA has strict regulations and guidelines in place to protect participants from unreasonable risks. Patient safety is our first priority.

CRO Pharma
CRO Pharma

Clinical research organizations work to create a mitigating strategy that overcomes the challenges faced while conducting a clinical study. Fomat Medical aims to assist CROs and sponsors in reaching their project goals effectively and quickly by facilitating every stage of the clinical trial process.

Clinical Trials Register
Clinical Trials Register

Get information on clinical trials, their different phases such as Phase I-IV, and the types of clinical trials (this includes randomized clinical trials) at FOMAT Medical Research. Clinical trials find out if a new treatment, drug, medical device, or diet is safe and effective in people by evaluating a medical, surgical, or behavioural intervention. Clinical trials are used to find out if a treatment is more effective or has fewer harmful side-effects than the standard treatment.

CRO Pharma
CRO Pharma

FOMAT Medical Research is in an organization that can help your CRO perform better in the pharma industry by providing all the required services. We are your one stop shop for all the services related to clinical research, right from the feasibility study and site identification to safety management. Get in touch!

Things to Mull-Over When Finding a Clinical Trial

Clinical trials are the research studies that are conducted to evaluate the new ways of preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases. In addition to providing information about the safety and effectiveness of the treatments/medical devices, these studies also offer a number of benefits to the participants.


Those who are interested in participating and are finding clinical trials for them can go through the factors they need to consider before signing and ICF (Informed Consent for Clinical Trials).

Study Protocol

It is a written plan for the clinical trials, which includes information on how the clinical trial will be conducted. This plan is submitted to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and IRB (Institutional Review Board) for approval before the particular treatment is studied.


This protocol contains information on:

1. Goals and objectives of the study
2. Information about the drugs being used
3. Results of the previous studies
4. The phase of the trial and the number of participants
5. Eligibility criteria for the study
6. How long the study will continue

The protocol may be very technical and hard-to-understand for you being a participant. However, go through it and try to have an idea of the process.


Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility criteria vary depending on the treatment being tested, the disease it is for and the phase of the trial. Furthermore, there may be age barriers or regional restrictions. So, go through the eligibility criteria and check if you can participate in it or not.  

Depending on the type and phase of the clinical trial you find, you may get free treatment, your sponsor may pay for the procedures, tests, doctor visits or some may pay even the travel expenses. Even there are studies for which you may get extra financial compensation in addition to the other benefits. In order to avoid the last minute issues or financial burden, ensure to check the cost and expenses before you enter the study.


Apart from these, there are some other things you may be concerned about like the location of the research site, the time being taken, the disease level and more. Assure to consider all these things before you sign the contract for clinical trial you find.

Having a research network of over 50 sites, FOMAT Medical Research helps the CROs and investigators in conducting clinical trials in a range of therapeutic areas. We have experience in Phase I-IV studies and help people in developing their career in advancing science.

Being aware of the importance of diversity in clinical trials, FOMAT Medical Research organizes trials in the areas featuring diversity in terms of culture, age, gender and more. CROs looking for sites or the participants to register for clinical trials can seek services from FOMAT Medical Research anytime.

Main Responsibilities of a CRO Pharma

A CRO (Clinical Research Organization) is an independent organization that helps the pharmaceutical companies in the development process of a new molecule, drug or a device. The main role of a CRO is to organize and carry out clinical trials to test the newly invented drugs and medical devices on humans, and thus, identify their efficiency and safety.

A CRO pharma acts as an independent company and offers an objective assessment of newly invented drugs in the clinical settings. They partner with different pharmaceutical companies and possess a broader experience than the one that a pharma company can have by organizing the clinical trials itself.

Main responsibilities of a CRO

A Clinical Research Organization plays a major role in the invention, verification and development of the new drugs as it verifies their effectiveness and safety. Right from choosing site and participants for the particular study, a CRO carries out all the procedures and maintain records. Here are the main responsibilities that are completed by a CRO.

1. Implementation of systems and procedures for the conduct of clinical trials and assessment of the safety in carrying out those trials.

2. Taking complete responsibility to ensure that the CTs are conducted in accordance with the guidelines and regulations, whether they are specified by the pharmaceutical industry or by the companies they are carrying out the research for.

3. Following the terms of the research contract it has signed with the sponsor.

4. Communicating concerns associated with the trials to the sponsors on a regular and timely basis. These concerns include the progress in the trial, complications, risks and more.

5. Assuring to maintain quality and metrics throughout the procedure in order to get the accurate and unbiased results.

6. Last but not least responsibility of a CRO is to record the trial results and maintain accuracy in all those records.
The staff at Clinically Research Organizations is trained to handle the complex drug development programs which demand new approaches and the effective use of the previous approaches. They have the know-how to organize and carry out the drug development trails while dealing with the risk factors effectively.

Those who are looking to carry out clinical trials can visit FOMAT Medical Research website to find the CRO pharma and sponsors for their trials.

Participar en Estudios Médicos trae una serie de beneficios a sus participantes. Estos incluyen:

· Contribuir al  a la cura, prevención de enfermedades

· Obtener acceso a nuevos y posiblemente efectivos tratamientos

· Obtener atención médica dirigida a una enfermedad o condición de salud en particular

FOMAT Medical Research

FOMAT Medical Research is a site research network specializes in developing clinical. We offer a wide range of solutions for Sponsors, Clinical Contract Organizations (CROs), and Sites throughout the Americas.